The newly established company ‘DIETHNIS FILIA’ publishing is an innovative company that acts in the field of useful and beneficial for the people book. Its presence has been dynamic not only in Greece but also abroad by taking part in world class exhibitions and entries in magazines of global range. As a result, ‘INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP’ publishing has achieved a rapid increase in sales since the first year of its existence. Τhe best conditions for the company’s future have already been established.


Recognizing the urgent need for communication in millions of people who visit our country annually, ‘DIETHNIS FILIA’ publishing pioneers by publishing an innovative international phrasebook. In this way, the use of the Greek language becomes simple, and travelling to Greece becomes even more pleasant.
More specifically, the innovation of the phrase book is the simplification of spelling in Greek writing. In this way, the reader is given the chance to read, speak, and even write using the Greek alphabet. Due to this, the Greek language acquires one more quality, that of being an easy one to be learnt!
Considering the fact that verbal language precedes the written, from now on everyone who is interested can easily, quickly and simply learn Greek, since they will be able to write as they speak and speak exactly as they write.
We could say that a base is given on which one can build and learn as much more as they want about our language. We are sure you will find the phrasebook very useful and will discover that Greek is an easy language!
so it won’t be all Greek to you any more…